The Torat Dor Vador organization, founded by Rabbi Moshe Ben Tov Zal and his sons, operates centers for Torah study in Jerusalem, Be'er Sheva and other Israeli cities. Hundreds of promising young men are studying Torah in these kollels and receiving a monthly stipend. The kollel programs include an early morning kollel, a daytime kollel, a kollel for the study of Kabala, an evening kollel, a kollel for the blind and a Friday kollel. Several of the programs require students to sit for examinations which prepare them for rabbinic positions in the community.

Dor Vador's educational and charity work with Jews in Israel and overseas has exposed a painful reality in which many deceased Jews do not merit the annual recitation of Kaddish on the anniversary of their death, a sacred ritual observed for the "elevation of the soul" (l'ilui neshama) of the departed. Dor Vador's Kaddish service fills the void created by the absence of sons, the traditional reciters of the mourner's Kaddish, or other cases in which the observance of Kaddish is neglected or not possible.

wold you like to downlad a prayer according to your dear onc'e name? complete the name of the departed and a file for his/hir name will appear that can be downloaded

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